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Supported MIBs

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CIAgent® is a ready-to-run SNMP agent that provides both Web-based and SNMP access to manage open systems and servers, including mission-critical Web servers, DNS servers, file servers, and print servers. CIAgent is a foundation for acquiring system status and for processing information from open systems and servers.

CIAgent is built on the EMANATE® Master Agent and includes many subagent extensions for system and application management. CIAgent may be configured to perform policy-based automated actions based on threshold events and commands from management applications. In addition, a powerful subagent development kit for building custom extensions can also be purchased as an option. This intelligent agent supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, and HTTP.

CIAgent provides you with the DR-Web™ Master Agent in binary, multiple ready-to-run subagents for system and application management, and SNMP Utilities and MIB Tools in binary.

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What makes CIAgent a useful product? Here are some of the primary reasons systems managers, programmers, and engineers purchase CIAgent:

CIAgent is a member of the SecureIntelligence® Product Family.

Supported MIBs

MIB documents supported by CIAgent:

Available Platforms

CIAgent is available on the following platforms: